Hillary Clinton: Snowden has right to public defense

The problem is and justifiably so, he knows he won’t get a fair trial. Snowden isn’t an idiot he knows the fix would be on, the government would see to it the outcome favors the gov. Seriously, do you trust the government and the judicial system they pressure?

CNN Political Ticker

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton said Friday NSA leaker Edward Snowden should be able to defend himself if he returns to the United States.

“In any case that I’m aware of as a former lawyer, he has a right to mount a defense,” she told the UK-based Guardian, which published classified documents last year that detailed U.S. surveillance programs and were obtained by Snowden. Clinton is in Europe promoting her new book, “Hard Choices.”

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3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Snowden has right to public defense”

  1. All things being equal, Snowden acted with malice and intent, when he chose to violate a Confidential/Secret Agreement. Regardless of who is president or politics in general, his obligation was to the safety and integrity of the nation and its secret communications. No matter who dances the jig and moans, Snowden violated the US Espionage Act of 1918, and the gallows might be in his immediate future. We will see how immediately the childishness ends if he hangs, and once again, a serious mindset prevail.


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