An open letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Disappointed former supporter. While I can appreciate your concerns for the problems in your country, I do not agree with you that our President, is responsible for solving all the problems of the world. Fix your own damn problems. Why is it when people of nations such as yours are assisted by the United States, by the way not the President, you always keep expecting more? I am sorry your country is struggling, but you can not always look to us for your easy and always unappreciated answer. The American people have grown tired of being held responsible for feeding the rest of the poor world. I do not like President Obama in the least, and unfortunately he is my president. I can not let you get away with “trying” to make him feel guilty because he shows an interest in some pride for our nations participation in the World Cup. Please, allow Americans to enjoy one of the rare moments of national pride from our President, as fake as it may be. I take offense to your criticism as it may as well have been directed at the people of my country. Barack Obama never did anything for you, it was the tax payers of our great nation. Yes Great. Just so you understand, right now I and my fellow citizens are following our soccer team with all our heart and support….and WE WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR ANY OF THAT. So take your begging and guilt seeking ass somewhere else.


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