I just read another individual’s blog moments ago about Mexican drug cartel scouts who have crossed over the border to Arizona.  I hope he writes more, soon.

That isn’t surprising since Obama, YES OBAMA, has done nothing to prevent the trespassing.   There were 8 scouts, one carrying an automatic rifle photographed in Arizona.   Will Obama confiscate their guns?  I  highly doubt it.

There could be a number of reasons the scouts have positioned themselves- locate the easiest pathways for the drug trafficking, communicate with the drug runners, assist additional children from Mexico, Central and South America across the border, while recruiting some of the desperate kids into carrying and selling.

Let me ask you, have you seen any reports or news stories from the three major networks regarding the drug cartels taking up shop in your country?    I haven’t, and that kind of story would be hard to miss.   That’s the kind of stuff that should be on the early and late night news.  Why isn’t it?  They are in the news business.   Who controls the news media?

Where is all of this leading?    The cartel carrying weapons into our country; what does it remind you of?  With the flood of immigrants, including criminals, gangs, along with the drug cartels……..what are our streets and communities going to look like?   We’ll look like Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico, Libya, Syria……….how many more could I name?   Don’t think I am over-exaggerating or blowing this out of proportion, the alarming numbers of traffic coming into this country is much greater than we could imagine.

The people may come with only the clothing  they are wearing, but they carry invisible luggage……….. disease, crime and violent behavior.   How long before our Main Streets are going to  look like the streets of Baghdad?

Obama, wants your guns……….. he won’t get them.   What is stopping the cartel or any immigrant from carrying weapons into the U.S.?  Nothing!   There isn’t enough of the Border Patrol to control or protect our borders, and Obama won’t allow them to do their jobs anyway.   Take our guns………really Obama, for you to allow all that is happening, we are going to need our weapons to defend ourselves, our families, neighborhoods, communities and our states.

This is controllable; our government and our president can take control, but they won’t.   They must be held accountable.  See how vital the 2nd Amendment is to the security of this nation?






  1. I have written a lot about immigration, Amnesty and the drug trade. In 2011 the FBI said there were 1.4 gang members in America and that their numbers grew 40% over the previous 4 years. If we project those numbers into the future, we would expect to have 1,960,000 gang members by 2015 or 2016. But Obama is allowing juveniles with Gang Tattoos into the US and is buying them bus tickets.

    We will soon have 2 million gangbangers in the streets. Latinos already outnumber blacks but this growth is all Latino. Thousands of MS-13 gang members are coming here. They are known as cop killers. They are allies of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel and the Mexican mafia, the California prison gang. When the Dollar Dies, these 2 million gangbangers will trash every city in North America. They will continue their Mexican gang wars on this side of the border. This will quickly become a Racial War and destroy every city in America if we do not stop this very, very soon.


  2. A forward -looking piece ,,, the cartels can see prohibition on its way out and that they will need new business. Perhaps they’re already transporting some of the current invasion. A new underground railroad, anyone? Perhaps its already in place.

    The Mafia came with the Italians; the cartels are here already and settling in. Wonder how they’ll get along with the locals …


  3. I’m afraid we’re going to disagree to some extent on this issue. Prohibition lasted 13 years, and blessed us with organized crime. The War on Drugs has now lasted more than 40. Do you see drugs being any less plentiful or potent? Why would this be? Because drugs are a high-profit activity, and that didn’t start with Obama. It’s been going on for 30 years longer than Prohibition did. How many people, politicians or otherwise, have the cartels bought or intimidated? Yes, THEY’RE criminals, but I think a lot of the refugees are not. They’re ordinary people who want to get away from the violence and live decent lives. I may be wrong, but that’s my opinion.


    1. Thank you for your reply. I agree drug trafficking did not start with Obama or immigration……but the Mexican Cartel is certainly taking advantage of the immigration and it only makes it worse. Respectfully yours. Thank you.


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