Obama is sending approximately 275 troops back into Iraq.   The purpose of this deployment is to protect the U.S. Embassy and personnel.  I don’t have a problem sending soldiers in for protection or to rescue our people.   I do have a problem with the timing and the number.   Obama waited till the ISIS was outside knocking on the door.  Really?  This looks like a late  deliberate orchestration of failure.

There may be about 160 soldiers, including Marines currently in Baghdad; with another 100 in reserve at a nearby country.  They will assist personnel to safety.   So, who has their back?  The numbers here for me just don’t add up.  General Custer faced better odds.    What are the reserves going to do, let alone those on the inside?

Why wasn’t the Embassy and personnel evacuated sooner?  They should have and could have been  removed before now, by Executive order.   He could have even made that executive decision as he was putting out on the 1st green on Sunday.

Obama said he wasn’t sending any ground troops back into combat in Iraq.  Do you honestly believe these 275 will not see any fighting, any gun fire?  It is ridiculous to think otherwise.   If we are going back to protect personnel, then do it right.   Get them out, then get the hell out.   This is a lost cause region, it always will be.

Nothing that King Obama does has any remote degree of common sense.   This is not going to end well.  Our military heroes need our prayers.






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