What Difference Does It Make: The Liberal Ideology

Was worth repeating. Thank you.

The Pajama Patriot

“What difference does it make?” We have now heard this phrase used twice by our liberal politicians to address policy decisions of monumental importance.

Most of America was shocked when Hillary Clinton used the phrase in her congressional hearing on Benghazi. More recently, Harry Reid surprised us, yet again, by using it to defend the White House’s decision to bypass congress and trade five Taliban detainees for the release of one American deserter.

This kind of talk, particularly in Harry Reid’s case, is not accidental. It is part and parcel of the liberal ideology. From the progressive viewpoint, good intentions and a positive end result are all that matter. Methodology takes a back seat. The law, fraught with its cumbersome requirements and limits on methodology, is an annoyance to the left. It is an obstacle to be skirted whenever possible to achieve progressive ends.

The case of Bowe Bergdahl is…

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