Many primary elections are approaching, it is time for us to make some change.

Albert Einstein once said “Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”    We have a United States Congress that a recent Fox poll shows  a 78% disapproval rating.   A man in the White House, that I have a difficult time calling the President, with a 55% disapproval rating and quickly falling, even among Democrats.   So, why then do we keep re-electing these people over and over again?

When employees don’t work hard and don’t perform their jobs, they eventually get fired.   We need to fire some people, now.  Why do we put these men and women, Democrats and Republicans back into office when they do nothing but draw large salaries, or we disapprove when they have done something?    Career politicians get way too comfortable………   It was never intended for elected officials to make lifetime careers in government; do your service and go home to your daytime job.

What is even more troubling and totally insane?  We have members of Congress that are  constantly made fools of and clowns that have been in their seats so long, I can’t remember when they weren’t there.  You know who they are; Nancy, Harry, John, Diane and probably another John.

We and we alone are responsible for who gets put in office.  I know money buys elections, and present office holders have the most name recognition.   Finding good qualified candidates is difficult.   They are out there, there in your neighborhoods, your own household.   I know there are very intelligent men and women with common sense and integrity walking among us.   We need to find them, encourage and support them.   We need new faces, new blood, unafraid to do whats right and not just politically correct.   We need leaders that put America first.

We all need to get involved and turn this nation back around…….lets get rid of the insanity.






  1. Ah,democracy ” … the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried,” said Winston Churchill. It is corrupted by the career politician, in it simply for a job. Perhaps we should try a jury system, select a few unsuspecting souls, tell them to solve the following problems and let them go back to their day job at the end of their term.

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    1. Term limitation, at one time I was mistakenly against. Now it’s a necessity. You may also be interest in a blog I just wrote today “Could Nancy Pelosi Pass an IQ or Drug Test”.
      Testing to measure candidates competence. Good hearing from you. Thank you.

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  2. Hi Arlin

    thanks for following Gert Loveday- Fun With Books. I’m very interested in US politics so find your blog intriguing. From what I’ve read I doubt I share your political views, but I’m with you on the apathy and just plain gullibility of the voting public and the difficulty in finding real human beings instead of political puppets who are prepared to run for office. The US looks completely in the hands of big money and Australia is heading the same way. The power of big corporations to stifle and distort public discussion is frightening. I’ll be checking in here regularly to see what you’re up to.


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