Released Defector’s Father Tweets Love Note to Taliban

The Foxhole

Fucking unreal. PFC Bergdahl’s father is an Islamic sympathizer.

Just after Obama’s exchange of 5 or the worst terrorists at GITMO for a defector, the father of the former ‘POW’ tweeted this: 


ABalkhi is the Twitter handle of Abdulqahar Balkhi, a Taliban spokesman.

Looks like Bergdahl Sr. is about as dicked up as his son.  No one who understands what Islamofascism is all about would purse their lips and kiss the fetid asses of the very muzzie zealots who want us dead.

Bowe Bergdahl deliberately deserted the Army and willingly became a mouthpiece for Islamic propaganda.  His ass should be in custody and charged with desertion and aiding the enemy. His father is obviously a tool for the jihad. He’s not doing his son any favors.  Treason and cowardice must run in the family.

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